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Seen frequently but usually not too close to the water.


Ducks relaxing on a dock during rainy weather.


Lake Williams seems to attract from 3 to 5 families every year.

Painted Turtle

This painted turtle photographed in the act of depositing eggs.

Painted turtle.

Sunning on the southwest side of the lake.


We don't see this bird too often, but this one was photographed in the fall of 2011 on the dock that is between the eastern side of Fox Island and the mainland.

Grey Squirrel

There is an abundance of squirrels on the shores of Lake Williams. This is due to the large number of oak trees and their dropped acorns.


This egret was photographed in the boat cove of Lake Williams Campground in 2008. Egrets don't visit often and this photographer has not seen one at the lake since.

Common frog

The population of frogs is controlled by the large number of herons that feed in the lake shallows.


Another infrequent visitor photographed on the rock pile.

Blue Heron

We have many herons in the area of Lake Williams. Most have their nesting areas in the northwest regions of the lake but can be seen feeding in the shallows mostly at dawn and dusk.


This picture of a beaver gnawing the bark on a tree he felled was taken in 2007. Beavers have been responsible for much of the fallen trees on the shoreline and on the islands.


River otters made an appearance in 2011 and were frequently seen foraging for food.


Photographed in June 2012. This rascal was seen eating lily pad blossoms.

Photographed by Steve Looby

An example of how large the frogs grow at Lake Williams.