Friends of Lake Williams Hosts its 5th Boat Parade


Friends of Lake Williams (FLW) conducted its 5th Boat Parade on July 3, 2011.  This is another of many such events intended to promote healthy enjoyment and appreciation of our lake.  As is the case with most of FLW's lake activities, there was NO entry fee and anyone, member or non-member, is welcomed as a participant.

The event started at 6 pm Sunday evening at the Rock Pile in the Northwest section of the lake.

A prize in the form of a winner's banner was awarded to the decorated boat deemed best by the judgment of their peers.

Pictures of the entrants are displayed below (Hint:  Click on the small image to see a larger version of the photo in a separate tab or window).


The winner.            

Winning flag


on Jack & Carol

 Clayton's deck.


FLW would like to extend its appreciation to Frank Catalano who first envisioned the boat parade, who prepares the wonderful brochures that are distributed announcing and promoting the event, for leading the parade, for coordinating the voting and for presenting the best boat banner at the parade conclusion.