Friends of Lake Williams is a two time recipient of the State's Green Circle Award

For their efforts In 1999 and 2001, the Friends of Lake Williams (FLW) organization was awarded the Green Circle Award from the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.

The award is presented to individuals and groups who have undertaken projects to promote natural resource conservation and environmental awareness.  FLW was nominated and received the award for work in the following areas:

  1. Since our incorporation in 1998, the group has been active in informing and educating lake residents, Town officials and Lebanon residents of environmental issues.
  2. FLW worked together with the Town to apply the annual treatment for the milfoil infestation in the lake.
  3. FLW has initiated a comprehensive water study that is ongoing.
  4. Volunteers from the group presented the Care Fishing Program again this past spring to children of Lebanon and the surrounding area.

The progress we have made in our mission to preserve Lake Williams for the benefit of not only the lake residents, but also as an economic, recreational and natural resource for the Town would not have been possible without the help and support of our volunteers, the community and Lebanon Town Officials.

Below are excerpts from the DEP web site citing FLW for their contributions:

1999 Individual/Civic Group Related

Friends of Lake Williams
Suffield, CT

Voluntarily contributing significant time or resources to environmental instructional programs, DEP fish and wildlife projects, water quality monitoring programs, or lake, river or watershed associations

Incorporated in August, 1998 to preserve Lake Williams, the "Friends" conducted a comprehensive water quality monitoring program; presented CT Aquatic Resources Education fishing programs; installed signs at lake access points; and posted boating regulations, zebra mussel signs and transportation signs.

2001 Individual/Civic Group Related
Friends of Lake Williams, Inc.
Suffield, CT
Voluntarily contributing significant time or resources to environmental instructional programs The Friends participate in a number of activities. They produce an ongoing newsletter to promote environmental awareness among Lake Williams and town residents. In the spring of 2000, they conducted a CARE fishing program for local children. They established a water quality monitoring program in the spring of 2001. In addition, 2 directors are on the Board of the Connecticut Federation of Lakes, and Friends of Lake Williams Board members contribute significant time to preserve Lake Williams.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to both the success of the organization and to a long and healthy future for Lake Williams.