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04 Mar 2008 Lebanon, CT


Joyce Your site is fantastic. Great job covering the history and present events of your organization.  You may wish to publish a small article in Lebanon Life letting everyone in town know the address of this new website - so everyone can appreciate your efforts.  Thanks to everyone for all work to preserve this beautiful lake.  Response.
05 Mar 2008 Oakdale, CT Paul An article for Lebanon Life will be submitted coincident with our membership drive .  Additionally, a link to our website is now listed on the Lebanon Town Web Site.  Previous.
19 May 2008 Lebanon, CT Diane Beautiful job on the web site.  It is apparent that a lot of hard work and time went into the preparation.  Thank you for your "love of the lake".
04 Aug 2008 Lebanon, CT Liz Why is the lake so dirty this year? Can we help? I can't have my family swim in the lake. We went swimming 2 weeks ago and we all came out with a bad rash and diarrhea.  The lake was brown yesterday when we wanted to go swimming - I advised against it - How can we help our beloved lake ??

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